Espresso Coffee Machines

Like coffee, there are numerous methods for making espresso, a coffee beverage that calls for dark-roasted beans and a fine grind. It’s served in a smaller cup and is much more concentrated than drip coffee.

Espresso can be produced manually, semi-automatically, automatically, or even super-automatically. They all operate by applying high pressure to heated water as it passes over ground coffee.

Ninja DCM201CP Programmable XL 14-Cup Coffee Maker PRO - Amazon

Brand Ninja Color Copper Product Dimensions 11.46"D x 7.87"W x 14.29"H Special Feature Dishwasher Safe Coffee Maker Type Espresso Machine

Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Brewer - Amazon

Brand Ninja Color Stainless Steel Product Dimensions 8"D x 10"W x 14"H Special Feature Removable Water Reservoir,Programmable Coffee Maker Type Espresso Machine

Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Machine - Amazon

Brand Cuisinart Color Black Product Dimensions 11.02"D x 7.28"W x 12.67"H Special Feature Integrated Coffee Grinder, Removable Tank, Programmable Coffee Maker Type Espresso Machine

PHILIPS 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Brand PHILIPS Color Black Product Dimensions 10"D x 17"W x 15"H Special Feature Programmable, Water Filter, Milk Frother, Removable Tank, Integrated Coffee Grinder Coffee Maker Type Espresso Machine